A wood fired bagel? What's that?!

When the word got out that couple, Meg Dellas, and Luke Esposito, were opening a wood fired bagel shop there was one question everyone wanted answered...was the bagel still boiled? To everyone’s excitement, the answer was, of course! After that was addressed, they were eager to learn more and couldn’t wait to get their hands on a wood fired bagel!

Dellas and Esposito love to travel and are always looking for the next up and coming “thing”, so when they stumbled upon a wood fired bagel shop in Philadelphia, they knew they had found it. Both left Syracuse for college and traveled/lived in a variety of different cities until they each eventually returned home to advance their respective careers. Dellas was born into the restaurant industry with her great grandfather opening the Varsity on the SU Hill, and says, she would always take mental notes when visiting restaurants of what she liked and didn’t like for the day she would eventually open her own place.

So, when the opportunity arose to open up the shop, the couple thought what better time, place, and opportunity, to showcase how great a handmade wood fired bagel is other than right here on Water Street. There is something to be said for naming the business after such a historic and meaningful street in Hanover Square, and as they said, they are proud that this is where their story begins and are looking forward to telling it in their community and beyond. They are passionate about using fresh, local, products and delivering the best bagel of the highest quality to their customers. They are convinced that the product, combined with the friendly team and inviting storefront will make you want to come back for more…ohh, and did we mention the 9 ft wood fired oven that you can see piping hot bagels come out of? Stop on in to grab a bagel & a coffee or just to say hi, you are guaranteed to find one of them in the shop on any given day.




Note: Please do not hesitate to leave a message, we check our messages daily and try our best to get right back to you!


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Friday: 7am-2pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am-2pm


239 East Water Street, Syracuse, NY 13202



The design of the shop revolved around maintaining as much of the original building structure and materials as possible. Dellas and Esposito were able to expose the original maple hard wood floors that were installed in a diagonal pattern. It was a pleasant surprise to find this underneath 7 layers of flooring. The team was also able to salvage and expose the original second story floor joists which ultimately ended up as the ceiling of the shop. The building was built in the late 1800s in between the Erie Canal (currently Erie Boulevard) and Water Street. Urban Realty’s design build team did a tremendous job at maintaining the buildings historic identity while still creating one of trendiest urban experiences in downtown Syracuse. You can’t miss us with our 10 ft floor to ceiling accordion windows- especially in the summer when patio seating is open! Whether it’s for a cup of coffee, bagels to go, or a sandwich, stop in and experience one of the hot spots of downtown Syracuse.


Catering & Delivery

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